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The Lewis Jewel Explained

The Lewis Jewel may be worn by a Mason, if at the time of his Initiation, his father was a Mason in good standing (the initiate of a deceased father in good standing at the time of his demise would also qualify).

The Lewis Jewel consists of two bars connected by chains:

  • The upper bar contains the name of the father and date of his Initiation.
  • The lower bar, the name of the son and date of his Initiation.

Whence is the name Lewis Jewel derived?

Q. What's a Mason's Sons Name

A. Lewis

The Wilkinson MS – c 1730 / 1740
Masonic historians conclude that the term came into use in the 18th century. The Lecture in the Second Degree published by William Preston in the 1780s contains a lengthy discourse on the Lewis.

WM – Brother J.W., How were the sons of craftsmen named?

JW – To the son on whom these honours were bequeathed, the appellation of Lewis was given, that from henceforth he might be entitled to all the privileges which that honour conferred, W. Sir.

Honour thy father...

In the days of operative Masonry, it was a great source of pride when a son followed in his father's footsteps and was Entered as an Apprentice, his name 'entered' on the roll, and thereby admitted to the lodge. To study his father's skills and learn to use his father's tools were manifest expressions of the greatest honour and esteem a son could pay. It was common to carry on the tradition through several generations in the same family.

It is a heart-warming day when a young man first shows interest in Freemasonry and asks his father how he might become a Mason, and it is a proud day when that son, in the fullness of time, is admitted a member of his father's lodge by Initiation.

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